Lap Frames

Experts recommend K’s Creation lap frames to make needlepoint more enjoyable and more precise. In the picture below the left side shows a regular expandable lap frame and the right side shows the ultimate stitching stand.

Features. As indicated by its name, a lap frame is a tool used to hold your needlework project while you stitch on it. Made by K’s Creations in Texas, they understand what it takes to build an ergonomically comfortable and sturdy lap frame. Our lap frames have six important features. First, the bases of the frames have adjustable sliders, which adjust to accommodate the width of your project. The dowel rods or adapter bars hold your project while you stitch. Second, all lap frames allow you to flip the frame around so working on the back will be as easy as working on the front. Moreover, the flip feature allows you to start and end your needlework effortlessly. Third, when a lap frame holds your project, your hands will be free to focus entirely on stitching rather than holding and stretching your project manually. Fourth, when holding canvasses manually, over stretching frequently occurs distorting the shape of the canvass. With a lap frame, you set the desired tension, which places consistent tension on your project, minimizing canvass distortion. Fifth, the lap frames ability to collapse makes it very mobile for storage and for travelling. Lastly, lap frames have a lightweight construction, which facilitates carrying ease and allows prolonged use without making your lap and thighs sore.

Construction. In addition to being lightweight, the wood and metal construction increase the durability and sturdiness of our lap frames. Easy to read assembly instructions, with illustrations, come with each frame and assembly does not require tools. In addition, each lap frame comes with its own warranty.

Types. The Adjustable Base Set allows you to stitch your canvass onto tape already fastened to the lap frame dowel rods. Spinning the dowel rods allow you to scroll the canvass up or down to work on it. Your choices come in three main sizes: baby, standard, and large. The second type is the Adjustable Base Set with Stretcher Bar Adapters, which allows you to place a framed canvass in the lap frame. Please note it does not come with scroll bars. Scroll bars will have to be purchases separately. However, the frame does come with hardware for a scroll frame.

How to Order.  Take a look at the chart below to see what size you need.  If you need any help choosing the right size and/or if you would like to place an order please call us at 281 440 6980.

Lap Frame Products Chart
Adjustable Base Sets*
Baby Base Sets (adjustable)
9 inch$ 55.00
13 inch$ 59.00
Standard Base Sets (adjustable)
13 inch$ 59.00
16 inch$ 63.00
18 inch$ 67.00
20 inch$ 71.70
22 inch$ 75.00
Large Base Sets (adjustable)
22 inch$ 75.00
26 inch$ 79.00
30 inch$ 83.00
34 inch$ 87.00
Adjustable Base Sets with Stretcher Bar Adapters*
Baby Base & Stretcher Bar Adapter$ 66.99
Standard Base & Stretcher Bar Adapter$ 70.99
Large Base & Strethcer Bar Adapter$ 74.99
Dowels Only*
9 inch$ 9.99
13 inch$ 10.99
16 inch$ 11.99
18 inch$ 12.99
20 inch$ 13.99
22 inch$ 15.99
24 inch$ 16.99
26 inch$ 17.99
28 inch$ 18.99
30 inch$ 19.99
34 inch$ 21.99
Scroll Frames*
9 inch$ 20.99
13 inch$ 22.99
16 inch$ 24.99
18 inch$ 26.99
20 inch$ 28.99
22 inch$ 30.99
24 inch$ 32.99
26 inch$ 34.99
28 inch$ 36.99
30 inch$ 38.99
34 inch$ 40.99

* Adjustable Base Sets include scroll frames. Adjustable Base Sets with Stretcher Bars do not include scroll frames, however, hardware is included to add a scroll frame if desired. Dowels come in pairs but do not include with wing nuts or knobs. Scroll frame accessories include all hardware and four tri-knobs.