Practical. We stock an array of  Clover hooks and needles at Merribee.  First, on this page you will see Clover’s unique aluminum gold anodized crochet hooks.  With their slick alloy design Clover crochet hooks make a practical choice for those who crochet. The smooth metal finish assures fluid stitches without snagging and splitting yarn while their lightweight will not wear your hands out.  Clover stamps the size of the hook on the shaft for easy visibility and organizing your crochet hook collection.

Clover crochet hooks.

Utility. You can use Clover hooks for making your favorite projects like baby afghans, lace, sweaters, and more. In addition, you can use the smaller sizes as a tool to pick up knitting stitches. Below you will see another image of Clover alloy crochet hooks.

Clover crochet hooks.

Clover Knitting Needles.  We carry a large variety of straight, double pointed, and circular bamboo needles from Clover.  For example, we carry traditional straight needles in the most popular sizes. Next, we carry double pointed Clover needles, which are great for knitting small circles sleeves, neck lines, hats, and socks. Lastly, we carry circular Clover needles in most sizes.  Hard and resilient bamboo grown in cold areas in Japan is used for Clover needles. Bamboo needles do not get cold, as opposed to metal needles, so you will always be comfortable knitting with Clover needles.

Clover round knitting needles.

Variety.  Below you will see a picture various types of knitting needles, like straight circular Clover knitting needles.  As you can see, we offer Clover knitting needles in different finishes and other similar needles with embellishments as well.

Clover knitting needles.

Order.  To order any product on the Merribee Needlearts website, simply call 281 440 4980 during normal business hours.  That way we can give your inquiry the personal attention you deserve.