Knitting Classes.  Whether you want to learn beginner knitting stitches, start a new project, enhance your current knitting skills, or take a refresher course, Merribee has a knitting class for you.  For beginners, we will set you up the right way from the start. We have beginner kits available, which include practice yarn, needles, stitch holders, and your project. Project ideas include scarves, shawls, hats, sweaters, and more. You have the flexibility to choose whatever project you like. Your classes will start with practicing casting on and then advance to learning the garter stitch. If you would like to enhance your knitting skills, we can teach you cables, changing colors, knitting with circular needles, finishing techniques, and much more.

Crochet Classes.  Every week we hold several crochet classes for you. Each class typically lasts 1 1/2 hours. We hold our crochet classes in our larger classroom to give you plenty of elbow space and plenty of natural light to see what you are doing. Our store is nestled far enough away from the rush of main roads to provide you with a quiet and relaxing environment to learn in. During the cooler months we will even hold classes on our covered outdoor deck next to our fountain.  You can join our crochet class at anytime and crochet any project you choose. For example, you can start a new project like a scarf, afghan, sweater, hat, or poncho. Or you can simply learn basic stitches. The choice is yours.

Needlepoint Classes.  From picking your fibers to learning how to stitch to finishing your project, you will find our needlepoint classes helpful along the way. We have hundreds of handpainted and preworked canvasses to chose from along with with a wide array of the finest fibers. Moreover, we stock lap frames regularly in our inventory to make your project easier and more enjoyable to stitch.

How to Sign Up for Classes.  Take a look at our Calendar page for an idea of our schedule. To sign up, merely call Merribee at 281 440 6980 to reserve a spot.  If you would like to schedule a private class or have any other questions please call us to make arrangements.