Huge Inventory. We carry 3 categories of canvas. First, we carry hundreds of handpainted canvasses. Our collection includes handpainted canvasses for virtually every holiday occasion, clever sayings, babies, and much much more. Second, we carry a broad selection of pre worked canvasses.  Third, we carry blank canvasses in a variety of counts. Directly below you will see a large image with handpainted canvasses to give you an idea of what we carry. Please keep in mind we carry hundreds more in our store.

Extra. In addition to canvas and fibers, we can finish your canvas into something extra special. For example, the Valentine’s Day image below was made into a small purse. Throughout the year we conduct classes that cover basic stitches to finishing. Below you will see an image of handpainted canvasses along with examples of matching extra items, like the Christopher Radko ornament and canvas.

Pre Worked. Pre-worked means a portion, usually the main object, of the canvass is complete and only the background remains. Our collection of pre-worked canvasses include everything from wildlife to piano benches, so please call us at 281 440 6980 for more details. Below you will see an image of a pre-worked canvas and the pillow it was made into. Remember, to complete your project we offer a variety of finishing services.

Blank. Our two types of blank canvasses consist of Mono and Penelope. Mono in white comes in 18, 14, 13, 12, and 10 count. Our colored canvasses come in 18 count. Our Mono canvass is 40 inches wide and is available in yard increments. Mono means the canvas is not interlocked. Instead, mono canvas is woven.. Our Penelope, pictured below in a brownish color, is 24 inches wide and is available in yard increments, as well.

Order.  To order any product on the Merribee Needlearts website, simply call 281 440 4980 during normal business hours.  That way we can give your inquiry the personal attention you deserve.